I currently work as an engineer in computer sciences at the Observatoire des Usages du Numérique in Reunion Island. The purpose of this observatory is to study the use of digital technologies within an academic community, using datamining technics. In 2014, I worked at the OSU-Réunion laboratory on new interfaces and knowledge bases for research in atmospheric physics. I obtained my PhD. at the Laboratory of Computer Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Réunion Island (France) in 2013. I worked on know-how management in the field of music learning, using ICT. My thesis supervisors were Dr. Noël Conruyt and Pr. Henri Ralambondrainy from the University of Réunion Island.

This website presents my work (developped tools and projects, publications, teachings) as well as my artistic productions (I play music and paint).

See my resume.