My thesis deals with Know-How transmission using ICT. As a musician, I apply my research to piano teaching and learning. I am especially interested in conceiving innovative tools for music know-how sharing in an e-Learning context. To do so, I base my work on Sign Management and Data-mining (see poster below).

Poster Thèse Véronique Sébastien

I benefit from the previous experience of the IC-IHM team from the University of Reunion Island in the field of music e-Learning. For instance, the e-guitare project gave birth to advanced services (offline and online) for learning the guitar.

To have more detail about this work, you can visit the project section of this website or read some of my papers.

Keywords : know-how management, multimedia, annotation, ontology, sign, data mining, collaborative platform, music

Référents : Dr Noël Conruyt, Pr Henri Ralambondrainy